Our Mission

To create a world where freelancers truly own their work.

This Is How We Started

  • 2020.4

    Registered company Worktogether Pte Ltd
  • 2021.3

    Market research and start up business
  • 2021.8

    Launched the SLASH brand
  • 2022.1

    Launched our first version
  • Company Story

    After working in an office for more than a decade, I quit my office job to join the growing ranks of freelancers worldwide.

    I found that in order to grow a successful freelance business, there is so much that needs to be done outside of the work itself.

    As small business owners, freelancers must dedicate time and energy to market, prepare client contracts and invoices, build relationships and secure payment on top of completing satisfactory jobs. Other time-consuming tasks include keeping track of budgets and accounts while analysing consumer details and trends.

  • I looked for solutions and found that existing freelancer platforms on the market all operate on the same commission-based model.

    If the freelancer is doing all the work, why should they have to give a part of their earnings to the platform? It is my strong belief that a commission-based model is no different from when I was working in an office - except now I am working for the platform instead.

    I believe that freelancers have the right to truly work for themselves.

    I then came up with a system that automates and simplifies all these tasks and this is what Slash is.

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